ONE TOUCH lash helps lash artists make Russian volume fans quickly.


Each strip of ONE TOUCH LASH provides a varied length of lashes. It is time to be natural with these volume lashes, Just one touch.


As the easiest volume lashes that you have never made, it is suitable for the lash artists at all level to create volume fans in 1 second.

Reduce your application time with ONE TOUCH staying the fluffy and natural look.


Grab the number of lashes you want for volume fans and pull it off. The Volume fans may be automatically created.


Remember, Grab and Pull it off!


Never mind a residue and losing the clumps and curl. As specially treated roots, it will stay bonded when pulling it off, also it is residue-free.


Main Features

The easiest volume lash you have never made
Be natural with volume effects
Suitable for lash artists at all level to create volume fans in 1 second
Shorten the working time
No residue, Never come off in clumps and lost curl


Top Tip! Use with our xxx tweezers!

One touch


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