Hue Blanc

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TSF, has been established in 2014, has launched Hueblanc in 2019.
Hueblanc is a compound word, consisting of “Hue” and “Blanc”.
The “Hue” portion of the word is the term for the pure spectrum colors commonly 
which can express more various and specific color.
In French, the word for “Blanc” is white color.
“Put various customers’ color and needs on the whiteboard.”
The meaning of “Hueblanc” has been created for a purpose to satisfy our loyal customers’ needs.

Just as an echo always comes back when one shouts on top of a mountain, 
we believe that if we send something good, something even better comes back to us.
Hueblanc will continuously send messages to you, 
solely dedicating to making eyelash extensions products.
Hueblanc will never forget each and every one of our loyal customers 
and never stop sending beautiful messages to you.
Thank you very much for your support.